Amazing Race Around Bangkok

Amazing Race Around Bangkok

One of the best ways to see Bangkok in a short period of time, immerse your team in Thai culture and experience the hustle and bustle of this busy metropolis.

A popular Thailand team building option for inbound conference groups, and a great energiser after a long day conferencing indoors.

One of our most popular Bangkok team building activities, the Amazing Race around Bangkok is a mix of cultural immersion and speed sightseeing, with a whole bunch of fun and excitement thrown in for good measure! With many flexible options, TeamXL can design the perfect Bangkok amazing race to best suit your team, making it the perfect conference activity, offsite experience, or even just a day out of the office.

The best race experiences are those that cater for everyone in your team, not just the young and fit! Having developed and managed over 1300 amazing race activities since 2002, our races are designed around the simple motto of Inclusion, Teamwork and Interaction. Of course there is a fair bit of healthy competition thrown in, but as we like to say, it’s more about the journey than the destination. Sure there will always be a winning team, but we assure you that there will be no losers! Such is the fun interactive experience that each team member will remember long after their race finishes!

Sure there will always be a winning team, but we assure you that there will be no losers!

Every participant feels like a winner, through our integrated approach to designing challenges to ensure everyone has the opportunity to shine, and contribute to their teams success. Designing an awesome Bangkok amazing race experience starts with working closely with our clients to ensure the race schedule, challenges and distances suit the desired outcomes, and suit everyone participating. We pay a lot of attention to safety, and ensure transport options and challenge locations are risk assessed, safe and any risks are mitigated as best as possible.

The best race schedules in our experience are those that include Bangkok’s three biggest attractions – The Chao Praya, Markets and the endless Street Food options. Throw in some Wats, Song Teow, Longtail boats and the odd Tuk Tuk and we can guarantee your team will experience the best of Thailand in a 4 hour amazing race around Bangkok.

Some of our most popular races include The River Race – using river boats, The Bangrak Foodie Race, and The Amazing Race across the City – a fun option to transport your team to another location for dinner or a celebration.

We can design custom made race schedules in any location across the city, include any of Bangkok’s popular destination and attractions, or if you have concerns about letting the team loose on the city, an Amazing Race around your resort or conference venue is a great way to ensure peace of mind.

Things to consider when choosing the right activity for your team

Safety – paramount to any event or conference activity, TeamXL are big on safety. We Risk Assess every component of the Amazing Race around Bangkok to mitigate the risks involved in getting the team out and about. Every race has a safety plan, and emergency race hotline, and all of our facilitators are first aid trained.

Inclusion – We know that the Amazing Race is not everyone’s cup of tea! Running around the city in hot weather can be stressful to some team members, and the thought of getting hot and sweaty, and stepping outside your comfort zone might not appeal to everyone. This is why we have developed our races to promote maximum participation, and work by the ethos of ‘participation by choice’.

Our races are designed to cater for everyone, no matter the level of fitness and physical capabilities of individuals in your team. We pay very careful attention to providing both transport options and a good mix of non physical challenges to minimise the physical demands during the races.

Our Amazing Race around Bangkok is not a race of the fittest – it’s a race of luck, opportunity, teamwork and cultural immersion.

Professionalism – Since 2002, we have been designing and managing team building activities, corporate events and Incentive Programs. TeamXL have the skills, knowledge and industry experience to give your team the best possible team building experience during their stay in Thailand. Don’t risk your team in the hands of an inexperienced operator, we can guarantee you will regret it when the team starts complaining of a poor Bangkok experience!

Insurance – Just like everything we do in life, it is important to have peace of mind if the unexpected does occur. This is why we carry Professional Indemnity Insurance up $20M, so you know your employees are covered during any of our Bangkok team building activities.


  • Trust
  • Collaboration
  • Team Dynamics
  • Budgeting
  • Managing Change
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Great Conference Energiser


  • Outdoor City, Town or Resort

Group Size

  • 10 – 300+


  • 1.5hrs – 4hrs


  • Medium – High

Team Building Activities anywhere in Thailand!

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