Breaking the Barriers – Board breaking team building

Breaking the Barriers – Board breaking team building

One of our most popular and exciting conference energisers and icebreakers, Breaking the Barriers is high impact and will leave a lasting impression on your team. This safe and dynamic team building activity uses a mix of martial arts and Muay Thai to engage and challenge your team to explore their potential, and break through predetermined mental barriers.

Our clients love this activity. Read what they have to say.


“Thanks so much to Team XL for making this so easy for me to organise… I’ve used XL twice now and would recommend them to anyone! Organising is so easy and everything is set up ready to go when we arrive. The staff are amazing, and everyone has an amazing time. Thanks XL! I will definitely be using you again in the future!”

Every participant is actively involved in the Breaking the Barriers session as our experienced facilitators and instructors guide and support everyone through a series of Martial Art and Muay Thai techniques. Using a mix of traditional Karate moves, with some key Muay Thai kicks and punches, participants will be blown away at what they can achieve in this 90 minute session.

Throughout the session, participant are motivated to identify a personal barrier, or road block in their life, something that they believe is holding them back from achieving their goals. They are encouraged to go beyond their normal thinking, and challenge themselves to identify pathways to overcome their personal barriers.

Now comes the highlight of the activity… at the end of the session every participant writes their personal barrier or road block on a piece of wooden board, and then are challenged to use their new martial arts skills to break through the board… using only a karate punch.

Some participants will find it quite challenging to believe in themselves, and are quite nervous when they step on stage to participate in the exciting, inspirational and highly energised finale… Breaking a Board!

The board breaking finale is the ultimate part of Breaking the Barriers. Participants prove to themselves that with a positive mental attitude, strong determination and the willingness to succeed, anything is possible.

These messages are reinforced by our presenters, and all participants are encouraged to apply the messages and key learnings to their professional and personal lives.

Breaking the Barriers is presented by qualified and experienced Karate and Muay Thai instructors and has a strong emphasis on fun and safety.

Breaking the Barriers is a highly motivational and energetic team building activity that is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.


  • Trust
  • Exploring Excellence
  • Managing Change
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Conference Energiser
  • Fun Ice Breaker


  • Indoor and Outdoor

Group Size

  • 10 – 100+


  • 1hr – 2hrs

Physical Requirements

  • Medium


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