Build A Playground team building activities

Build A Playground team building activities

Team building is important for many reasons. It teaches us how to communicate, work with others, builds confidence, bond with others and most of all, it is a lot of fun!

Plan team building to be fun and exciting and you will see the great conclusion. By working on these projects they will take a break from playing video games and get some knowledge in, while having a good time. Our clients from Thailand boast about our teams they got to work with and the outcome it had for the kids who needed somewhere to play, or something productive to do. Team XL is known for helping others build their confidence which helps them communicate through otherwise difficult conversations.

We will help you make a custom place for children to play together and have fun, encouraging them to be more active. Encouraging our kids to play while they are young is a perfect way to start their healthy lifestyle. If all they know is computers and TV’s they are missing out on such an incredible part of life.

Are you looking for a team building experience that has a meaning? Then this might be exactly what you are searching for!

Team XL will coach and guide you while you and your team build a playground. Projects can be short enough to finish in a few hours or you could choose something a week long with more support around the planning process. This is perfect for groups that are working on making a longer connection and possibly a larger playground.

We will teach you and your team how to develop a strategy for your project in a meeting before starting on it, which will help you execute the final result. The best part about this is your strategy and your team work will change children lives and, you get to see the results!

Through this process we will help your team choose a style and design of the new playground that will be suitable for the area it is in, and then we will arrange for a locations in Thailand for them to be installed. The impact on the team members will be amazing as you build this project together, overcome obstacles, and reply on each other to get things done. Often team members will still support the playground they built as they will forever feel the impact it gave them.

Imagine standing there with your team, looking at the playground you just built together, and seeing the kids come out to play and you get to personally meet them. Imagine them smiling with joy as they run and play with the other kids. They don’t have to worry about safety because everything will be checked by a project manager. This is a moment you will hold with you.

We have helped many teams, throughout the years, build a strong bond that brings passion to them as they work. Building lifelong friendships, team members will now trust one another in a deeper level. Productivity will increase in corporate settings meaning everyone is happier. Build culture and respect for each other and see the results come in. You wont regret it!

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  • Charitable & CSR
  • Planning & Collaboration
  • Team Dynamics
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Teamwork & Idea Sharing
  • Innovation
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Brand Awareness
  • Breaking Down Silos
  • Leadership and Delegation


  • Indoor and Outdoor

Group Size

  • 8 – 150


  • 4hrs – 1 Month, Depending on Project

Physical Requirements

  • Low – Medium Designed to suit your group


The hugely popular MasterChef cooking team building challenge is the perfect TEAM REWARD! Gourmet cooking team building at its BEST!

Amazing Race

Any location Amazing Race Bangkok, Amazing Race Phuket, Amazing Race Pattaya, Amazing Race Chao Praya, Amazing Race Hua Hin

Short Film Festival

A creative film making activity where your team collaborates to write, act in & produce their very own short film.

The Bike Factory

A focused emotional encounter and a learning opportunity to create a powerful experience for all involved.

Design 101: Tuk Tuk

A fun, creative activity where teams get to rebrand a Tuk Tuk, before taking to the streets of Bangkok to show off the new design.

The Art Gallery

Highly interactive and creative, with a focus on idea sharing & creative expression! Flexible & fun.

Team Building Activities anywhere in Thailand!

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