Team Building for Charity

Leave an everlasting impact on your team.

Team Building for Charity

Leave an everlasting impact on your team.

Team building for a cause is something that we have offered over the years. We believe that companies can enjoy great team building activities and support non-profit organizations and kids charities at the same time. It is even a great opportunity for organizations to stay true to their vision of what their company is all about.

Not only does it allow them to practice compassionate business practice, it also gives their employees the chance to see what their company supports. And a big heart definitely can make a big impact within an organization.

Why go for a team building charity activity? Team building activities can be a great way to improve the dynamics of your group. However, what if you can help charities with their mission with their altruistic ambitions?

Everyone had a really good day at The Bike Factory CSR activity, thank you for all your help organising it. The highlight would have to be the fact that we had a great team building exercise, but it was also excellent to be able to give the bikes away to charity at the end of the day. All staff from Team XL was very helpful at all times during the booking process and also on the day.



Looking for Team Building Ideas?

Team XL is a supporter of different types of charities. Here, we can provide you with a variety of options that can fit your schedule. Here, whether you decide to choose from our list of kids charities or if you wish to stick with our non-profit organizations, you will have a variety of options to choose from. Here are some of the charities that you can choose from:

Community Kitchen

Ever wondered what you can do to lessen the suffering of those who have less in life? Are you looking for a way to feed the children and the homeless in your community? Why not go for a cooking class for a cause. Not only do you get to learn how to cook nutritious and delicious meals, but you can also feed those who don’t have the fund to buy their own food.

The Bike Factory

An integral part of a child’s development is to have the opportunity to play. The Bike Factory is an organization that focuses on giving smiles on kids’ faces. They can get the chance to have a bike, while you also get to learn how to make one!

Helping Hands

A lot of people today are in need of prosthetics. Unfortunately, there are countries that don’t provide support and opportunities for many amputees. By choosing to make prosthetics for third world amputees, not only are you giving the ability to work again, it is also an opportunity to live a normal life.

Charity Fundraiser

Does your community need your help in order to raise funds? Fundraisers are not only fun and exciting, but it can also serve as a venue that can allow participants to enjoy each other’s company.

Toy Factory

The Toy Factory is another great option. This organization allows you to make toys for the day which will then be given to the community. This way, kids that have families who can’t afford toys can easily have a smile on their faces.

Build a Playground Together

Does your community need a playground where children can enjoy and have a good time with each other? Perhaps, you can help build one for your community. Here, not only will it be a venue where people children can play, but this can also encourage children to be fit.

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