Employee Engagement Program

What does A DAY IN THE LIFE of your company look like?

Employee Engagement Program

What does A DAY IN THE LIFE of your company look like?

Is there a disconnect between the teams in different countries, or between departments like IT and Marketing, Management and Field Operations or maybe your Call Centre needs to see exactly what the Production Team does in order to sell more efficiently?

A Day In The Life is the perfect team building activity to deliver your strategic plan to every corner of the company, and in turn, let your customers fall in love with your organisation.

Check out A Day In The Life to see how you can:

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Improve internal communications with company with team building programs
  • Improve inter departmental relationships
  • Engage with customers with great content

A Day In The Life is about telling your companies story

Stories drive your day to day operations. Your people are already the stars of these stories and what A Day In The Life offers is the chance to capture your people in action, delivering your strategic vision.

We inspire them to connect with their creativity and engage each other to produce a short video about the best thing they do everyday at work – the ultimate employee engagement program.

By empowering every one of your team to have a voice we create a way to connect every person on your team in a company wide team building activity.

A Day in the Life – A partnership between
XL Events and Pulling Focus

Perfect for companies with 500 + staff

Team Building Activities anywhere in Thailand!

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