MasterChef in the Garden – Cooking Team Building

MasterChef in the Garden – Cooking Team Building

Team XL provides a wide selection of entertaining activities, developing team building abilities through fun and engaging competition. Creative tasks are put in front of participants to make them think out of the box and find smart solutions that will help their team to win.

Boring office drinks and evening dinners are too much of a wasted time spent in a stuck in routine week. It is time to try a new cooking experience that brings you in a more vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. MasterChef in the Garden takes you out of the boring office to make you participate in a captivating team building contest. The whole fest will take place in a delightful garden, located in the centre of the city, where you will have the chance to try delicious thai foods and drinks, while enjoying the inspiring nature landscape.

Want to try your cooking abilities? The team building activity will have several teams lined up, having to compete in various cooking contests. There you will face popular challenges that will test your limits and make you do your best to grab the victory. There is the protein challenge and the canapes in the park challenge. Here, your team will have to prepare a lot of tiny canapes, proving a flawless accuracy and a brilliant hand craft when spreading the ingredients on the tiny biscuits. Also, you will have to compete in the funny super slicer and burgerlicious challenge, where your imagination will work for you to create the most innovative and inventive burgers.

MasterChef in the Garden is an activity that requires role division and a quality management inside the team. Participants will choose their role in the team, and cooperate as a whole to do the work in the quickest terms possible. You can be the cook, handling the pans and pots, or the prep man, preparing the ingredients for the final operation. Your outstanding leadership qualities will make you take the role of the executive chef of the team.

Each team has its own menu. There are no limits in choosing what dishes to prepare, except for the time. The judges give a limited time for performing each of the tasks. It all starts with a knife demo, and then the teams begin the race against time in preparing the ingredients. After the slice and dice part comes a break, and then additional 30 minutes are given for the final cooking. While the cooks turn on the stove, the napkin artists prepare the dinning table. Seconds before the stop time signal, the teams rush crazily around to do the final cuttings and design improvements to their dishes. In the end, all of them relax and celebrate in the beautiful garden, enjoying the gourmet delicacies they prepared. The judges say the final word, not before giving an appreciation to the cooked dishes.

Our clients cant stop talking about our MasterChef programs.

Sue, Toyota Motor Corporation

“Excellent team building event for Masterchef Cooking Challenge and our expectations were definitely met. A few were hesitant at first; however it was a very exciting activity that keeps everyone interested. Participants definitely had a great time and developed new skills that unlocked their creativity. The entire activity was very well delivered; Your team did a terrific job, as the event co-ordination was enjoyed immensely by all, very good feedback received around the office. The response particularly at the end of the dinner, really brought the entire activity together, could not have finished better! Well done to all. Would thoroughly recommend as a corporate activity.”

What you get from MasterChef in the Garden contest, is not only delicious food and enjoyable time spent. It is also, a lot of team work skills and collaboration abilities, that will help you in the future. Also, you get better at time management, creativity, and idea sharing.


  • Trust
  • Collaboration
  • Team Dynamics
  • Uniting Teams
  • Practical Leadership
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Idea Sharing
  • Creativity
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Breaking Down Silos
  • Leadership and Delegation
  • Conference Energiser


  • Indoor and Outdoor

Group Size

  • 10 – 200+


  • 3hrs – 4hrs

Physical Requirements

  • Low


The hugely popular MasterChef cooking team building challenge is the perfect TEAM REWARD! Gourmet cooking team building at its BEST!

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