The Toy Factory – Building Toys for Kids!

The Toy Factory – Building Toys for Kids!

What better team building activity than helping a local charity, and especially one that works for children? That’s right! You can take your co-workers and spend a day having fun while giving back to your community by building toys for kids in your area.

What our clients say about charity team building activities.


“Thanks so much to Team XL for making this so easy for me to organise… I’ve used XL twice now and would recommend them to anyone! Organising is so easy and everything is set up ready to go when we arrive. The staff are amazing, and everyone has an amazing time. Thanks XL! I will definitely be using you again in the future!”

Team building with a positive spin: building toys for children

Team XL propose The Toy Factory team building activity that helps bring joy to children in need, whilst promising a fun day for you and your co-workers or employees. However, make no mistake. This is not a charity team building activity like any other. No, no. And you do not have to build the toys from scratch. So, do not worry even if you are less skilled or talented at building hand-made objects.

What you need to do and what makes this a fun team building activity is work in small groups and, by successfully completing a series of tasks, you earn toys which will be donated to children.

We will not lie to you though. There is a fair amount of handling, assembling and decorating toys, so if you do like crafts, then this is a great opportunity to show off. But even if you do not, you can use your other skills such as negotiation skills as you will need to trade off some parts or tools, or problem-solving skills since you must improvise if you are missing parts.

Of course, like in any game or team building activity, there are winners and losers. The aim is to be in the group who builds the toy first. This will earn you a good reputation among your colleagues.

All toys (unless you build something hideous – we never saw this happening but, hey, you never know!) will then be donated to one of our charities who work with children from disadvantaged environments. Or, you can nominate a charity, children’s hospital or school of your choice or one your company works with, as long as the toys go to children. Yes, we know. Adults need to play too and feel like children every now and then, but we are trying to put a smile on children’s faces.

Here at Team XL Thailand, we will supply all you need for this fun and noble team building activity. All you need to do is bring yourself and your colleagues to a fun and collaborative project with such an amazing outcome. We even provide caps, so you can easily recognise your team-mates, as well as gloves and bin bags if you want to protect your precious hands and clothes from getting painted all over.

To make things even easier for you, we can arrange for children to come and pick up their toys at the end of the day, so you’ll get to meet them and see the joy in their eyes. This may be the best part of the whole team building activity!

If your team is feeling creative, here at Team XL Thailand, we can even organise a program where you can work on your own design of toys, or you can let your imagination free in terms of coming up with a different game to build the toys.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call to organise a fun and charitable team building activity that is guaranteed to make children happy… and your colleagues!


  • Charitable & CSR
  • Trust & Collaboration
  • Team Dynamics
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Idea Sharing
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Brand Awareness
  • Breaking Down Silos
  • Leadership and Delegation
  • Conference Energiser


  • Indoor and Outdoor

Group Size

  • 8 – 200+


  • 2hrs – 4hrs

Physical Requirements

  • Low


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