Team building exercises can be fun and a great way to improve the overall dynamics within the workplace. For many organizations, because of the benefits of team-building exercises, it is common to see companies to ensure a yearly team-building exercise.

One of the best team-building exercises that you can go for in Thailand is to have cooking classes. Cooking team building activities are known not only to guide participants into making delicious meals. In fact, this kind of team-building activity teaches participants a lot of lessons that could translate into the workplace.


One of the things that can be taught in a cooking team building activity is the value of teamwork. A lot of people forget the value of teamwork because they are focused on meeting the deadlines. In reality, teamwork is a staple in every successful company. However, let’s admit that it could take years to develop teamwork if done in a work setting alone.

What makes cooking activities such a great opportunity to build teamwork or even friendship? With an environment wherein people can get to interact without the deadlines and the pressure to perform, it is easier to build teamwork when you are in a fun environment. This is the same reason why a lot of team building activities revolve around fun games.

Solidarity with the team

Food can do wonders to human beings. Aside from the fact that it can help nourish the body, food can also be a good way to open up conversations. With team building activities, you have the opportunity to unite the entire company. There are times when you simply work with a small group of people within the organization. You might just know people within your department. But with this type of activity, it becomes possible to function as a unit.

Openness to new ideas

One of the things that can make a company suffer is when you have employees who are closed-minded. It means that new ideas are not welcome in the workplace. A lot of great solutions can be considered innovative. Now, if you simply shut down these new ideas, there is a risk that the company is not going to grow. And also, there is a probability that the problems will remain the same.

With cooking activities, especially when it comes to cooking delicious Thai dishes, participants must be open to new ideas. Here, it is likely that you are cooking something that is totally new to your taste buds. It means that you don’t actually have any idea what the meal is supposed to taste like. With this, you will have to rely on the instructions and just trust the process.

Reduce Stress

Another reason why cooking team building activities are highly sought after by companies is the fact that you can actually reduce the stress of your employees and even your managers. Sometimes, work-related stress can actually make a person quit his or her job. It is possible even for the most dedicated employee or manager to call it quits because of the stressful work environment.

With cooking team building activities, it becomes easier for them to relax and to just have fun during the entire process. Here, you don’t have to worry about anything that is work-related. You just have to enjoy the company of other people while you prepare to cook delicious meals.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skill is also something that can be developed. However, most of the time, given the demanding schedule in the workplace, leadership has been isolated to the managers. And it also means that those employers don’t have the chance to showcase their leadership potential or improve their current skillset.

With cooking team building activities, you can have a responsibility to coordinate with the other members of your team in order to finish the meal on time. In some instances, you will even be able to improvise just to make sure that you get to get the task done on time.

Better Decision Making Skills

Decision making skill is something that can be honed through the years working. However, when you are dealing with a routine, there are instances when you simply do things without even thinking. And in this scenario, you can’t develop your decision-making skills.

There are some employees who might also develop the habit of just saying yes to their superior. And what this means is that they don’t make big decisions that could actually impact the company. Unfortunately, relying only on the management for decisions can be detrimental to the progress of the company and the progress of the employee. In some instances, there are decisions made by rank and file employees that could actually help the company.

Decision-making skills can be honed in the kitchen. In fact, you can get to decide when is the best time to put an ingredient or when is the best time to improvise. These are some of the things that you can get to do during the Thai cooking classes. You will be able to cook authentic Thai recipes with the guidance of a chef. However, you will also have the freedom to decide on the specifics. It means that every meal will be the same but a bit different.

Attention to Details

Paying close attention to detail is another thing that can be learned from the team building activity. It means that you will be able to follow the instructions as the cooking activities are guided by a chef allowing you to learn how to cook Thai foods even if you are a novice who doesn’t exactly know how to shine in the kitchen.

And also, regardless of your position during the activity, you will be trained on how to follow the instructions in order to ensure that the meals meet the best standards.

Team building activities today are used not only by big companies but also by small companies. Apart from the beautiful beaches and cities in Thailand, it is possible to take advantage of their culture through their dishes. Culinary team-building exercises in Thailand can be enjoyed not only by young members of your organization but even by those people who are older.

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