A lot of organizations have benefited from having a team-building activity annually. Over the years, it has been used as a way to build trust and improve overall dynamics within a company or an organization. It has effectively improved how members of the organization function with each other. The good thing about team building activities is that it fits most companies. Regardless if you have a startup or you run a multinational company, team building activities can be adjusted accordingly. There is a low minimum number of participants. Plus, you also have professionals that can guide the process every step of the way.

Unfortunately, there are instances when it can be challenging for the management to convince members to take team-building activities seriously. Some would even find a way to call in sick on the day itself. Here are some things that you can do to keep your employees interested.

Make the activities fun

First, it is important to make sure that the activities are fun. Keep in mind that a lot of employees are stressed in their day to day activities. Imagine more than 40 hours of work every week. Some employees are simply looking for a break from their routine. But unlike going on a vacation, team building activities are paid for by the company.

With teamxl.co.th, you can choose from several activities. You can find an activity that matches the personality of the group. For instance, if the group runs high on energy, then perhaps, it is a good idea to pick team building activities such as the Amazing Race. Here, participants get to solve clues and use the entire venue as their playground as they try to reach the finish line with the fastest time.

Promote the team building activity

A simple yet effective way to encourage your employees to join the team building activity is to hype the activity. Perhaps, showcase a video of old team building activities. Or maybe, post pictures on emails. This way, employees are going to anticipate the activity.

Choose a good location

Next, the location matters for a lot of employees. The better the location, the more likely that you can expect 100% participation on the part of your employees. If you are going to choose Bangkok, employees can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city. Plus, they can even do a bit of shopping by the end of the day.

On the other hand, some locations can show more nature than the city life. The advantage of locations near the beach and forested is that people can see some green and blue and just enjoy the relaxing view. This helps lessen stress and allow them to interact with each other via supervised team building activities.

Let them know that it’s a non-stressful environment

Next, the management simply has to reiterate that they are going to be in a non-stressful and non-work related environment. Sometimes, this is all that you need to say to get the attention of your employees. It means that even if there’s friction between members of your group, being in a non-stressful environment can help clear the air and even allow people to start fresh.

Announce that it’s an opportunity to showcase their leadership skills

Sometimes, employees especially those at the bottom of the organization chart tend to become yes-men for their managers. Though this isn’t ideal, it is something that is practiced even by some of the most progressive companies out there.

A lot of employees are waiting for an opportunity wherein they can showcase their talents and their leadership skills. Let them know that team building activities can hone their leadership potential and the management is watching.

This way, they can also put their best foot forward and exhibit the leadership skills that could impress the management. With the help of facilitators, everyone gets a chance to become a leader. Scenarios in most team building activities will allow the participants to take the steering wheel and guide the direction of their group.

Plus, team building activities are designed to teach leadership skills. It is the perfect venue for those aspiring leaders to absorb as many tips possible. Because in reality, the real workplace will simply test what you know. It won’t have any time for training on most occasions. What you want is to grab the opportunity to learn as much from these leadership training conducted during team building activities.

Explain that it can make things in the workplace easier

The management can also convince employees to join the team-building exercises by letting them know the perks of these activities. Many organizations both big and small invest in team building activities to improve dynamics within the workplace. Plus, it generally makes the nine-to-five work more bearable given the lessons that participants can learn from these activities.

Make it a requirement for everyone

Though it isn’t a suggested recourse, it is also possible to increase the number of attendees by making the team building activity a requirement for everyone. But of course, it should be done in a way that it already sounds authoritative.

Employees don’t appreciate leadership styles wherein they can’t make any choice. However, it is also true that full participation of the entire organization in the team building activities is required to see the best results for an organization.

If you are going to require employees to participate in the team building activity, it is a good idea that you at least let them have a say on certain things. For instance, why not let the employees vote regarding the type of team building activity that is going to be done by the company? Do they prefer to have the Amazing Race or do they want to cook for the homeless? Or perhaps, they want to build bikes for children?

Employees must be happy to do team building activities. No matter how beneficial the team building activities can be for the overall dynamics of the company, it still requires the full participation of everyone. For some companies, it might be a challenge to invite their employees to take part in this type of activity. By following these tips, you could encourage them to give their best foot forward in doing the activities. Plus, they can even see the value of team building activities to the development of the company as a whole.

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